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Axe maker
Welcome to my home page

My family name is “Bijlmakers” which means “Axe maker”. It’s the second oldest profession.

On my website you will find pages on a variety of topics such as “insects”, “agriculture”, “genealogy” (my family tree), collections of “proverbs and quotes”, information about “wine making”, and much more. This page is the starting point to visit all my pages; just pick one of the topics below.

“Every problem can be solved”

Insects and Spiders


I am an entomologist, so I created several websites about insects and spiders. Have a look at:


Fruits & Vegetables

World Crops Database logo
Visit the
World Crops Database

Are you interested in agriculture? Visit these pages:

Also have a look at the World Crops Database with information and photos of hundreds of agricultural crops.



Five surnames

One of my hobbies is collecting information about my family tree with all its branches and roots.

Surnames in the family tree include: Bijlmakers, Rulkens, Vaessen, Deckers and Körner.


Proverbs and Quotes

Another hobby is collecting proverbs and quotes on a wide range of topics.
For example, this quote by George Bernard Shaw:

I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation.

Have a look at “insect proverbs and quotes” or “fruits proverbs and quotes“. More proverbs and quotes are on a separate website: “quoteproverbs.com“.


Play Games

I like programming so I developed some games to play on my website.

Try playing
One 2 Nine


Wine making

Honey bee

Yet another hobby is wine making and I am especially proud on my honey wine or mead.

Of course I have also collected some proverbs and quotes about wine.

“Some men will build a wine cellar when they have found just one grape”


Simulating insect populations

I created a few pages about making computer simulations of the growth of insect populations.
Have a look at this short introduction: Simulate an Insect Population.
A more complicated simulation is this: Pest Control Simulation.


Simulating evolution


I wrote a few scripts to simulate evolution or ‘natural selection’.
Read first the introduction: Simulating Evolution.
The most detailed evolution script is the Peppered Moth Simulation. But also have a look at the Peacock Simulation.


Other pages and links

Cooper Test clock

I have several other pages such as the page about the Cooper test.

Also, have a look at my other websites, such as Beautiful Chiangmai and Books.

And here are my Dutch pages.


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