Word Shuffle

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How to play

Word Shuffle is a game where you have to find hidden words.

For each row in the grid there is a hidden word.

The first letter of each word is in the first column, the second letter is in the second column, etc.

Click a letter in each column to make it float to the top. It will turn orange. If the top row displays one of the hidden words, the entire word turns green.

Keep searching until you have found all hidden words.

Change the Settings to play with 4-, 5- or 6-letter words.

If you are new to the game, start with 4-letter words. They are easier.

After 10 minutes you get the option to give up. Don’t do it.

Example game

You start with a grid filled with letters. Try to spot a word.

Example 1

You have found the word WRECK and start clicking its letters.

Example 1a

While clicking the letters, they float to the top.

Example 2

The word WRECK has floated to the top. However, it did not turn green so it is not the hidden word. Keep looking.

Example 3

You found another word WHACK. It is green, so you found the first hidden word. Keep looking.

Example 4

The next word you find is TRUNK, which turned green, so you found the next hidden word. Keep looking.

Example 5

Your next word SLEET stays orange. Keep looking.

Example 6

Ready! You have found all hidden words: WHACK, TRUNK, BLAME, SEVER, BEEFY, BERET.

Example 7


Word Shuffle saves your personal statistics to the device or browser you play on. If your browser data are cleared your stats will be erased as well.

Word Shuffle   v3.0 2024-04-07

2024 Hein Bijlmakers






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