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About the Vocabulary Test

Test your vocabulary with a vocabulary database of over 40,000 English words.

Click Start to begin. The first word will be displayed.

Click Yes if you know at least one meaning of the word. Click No if it is an unknown word. Failing to answer within 5 seconds is scored as No.

Click Stop to stop or if you need a break. Continue again with the Start button.

If you test at least 100 words, you will get an estimate of how may words in this database are in your vocabulary.

For unknown words, a brief definition will be displayed (from https://dictionaryapi.dev/), showing one or few meanings of the word. For more detailed definitions, use the links to Wiktionary, Merriam-Webster or Google. This will allow you to study the words thoroughly and include them in your vocabulary.

The Database

This database of over 40,000 English words was compiled by modifying some common word lists found on the internet (see: here and here). Although much larger lists are available, they include thousands of very rarely used words and are beyond the scope of this page.

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