Several of my websites are about agricultural crops such as fruits, vegetables and cereals. Here is an overview.

Fruits for beginners

If you are interested in fruits, the best place to start is Fruits for beginners where many fruits (tropical and temperate) are listed in alphabetical order. For more detailed information about fruits you could visit the World Crops Database which has more details and photos, and includes an extensive list of fruits. The database has hundreds of fruit names in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian.

Tropical fruits

American persimmon
Interested in tropical fruits? Here is a collection of web pages about many different tropical fruits.
This page is like a tropical garden where you can sample the most exotic fruits in the world. Perhaps you will find fruits that you never saw before.

Fruits proverbs and quotes

While collecting information about fruits I also collect proverbs and quotes about fruits. On this page they are sorted in alphabetical order.

Vegetables and Cereals

Following the pages on fruits I added information on vegetables and then I continued with cereals and other crops such as flowers, herbs and spices.

In the end my database became so big that I used it to create a separate website: the World Crops Database. See below.

World Crops Database

Some years ago I started keeping a database where I collected information on tropical fruits. Later I turned it into a website, adding photos, recipes, proverbs, etc. Gradually more fruits from temperate climates were added, and now the database also includes vegetables, cereals, herbs, spices and many other crops.

This crops database was first included as part of this website, but at some point it became so big that I decided to give it a separate website.

World Crops Database logo
Visit the World Crops Database
Please visit the World Crops Database. You can search names of many agricultural crops. It’s a work in progress and I keep adding new crops and more information almost every week. Any comments are welcome. Currently the database has over 7,500 names of over 600 agricultural crops in 6 different languages.

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