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Here I will provide some links to my remaining web pages, which have not been grouped under the headings: Insects, Spiders, Agriculture, etc. It’s a mix of different topics.

Also included are some links to my other websites and to some favorites sites on the internet.

Cooper test

Cooper test clock

Test your condition with the Cooper test. It’s a matter of just running 12 minutes to see how far you get.



QReasy is a page to create your own QR code, with a URL or just text of maximum 300 characters. Unlike most other web sites that have such a tool, this one is simple. No need to create and account, and no range of options. Just type your text and download the QR code as a PNG file.


Metric time

Dream about metric time with 10 hours in a day and 100 minutes in an hour. It takes away the need to work 8 hours per day.

Look at the Decimal Clock. It divides a day in 10 hours, each hour in 100 minutes, and each minute in 100 seconds. The clock starts at midnight. At noon it is 5 o’clock.


Spell It

Alfa Bravo Charlie… ehh… If you need some help to spell out your name or a short text, use Spell It. It has several word lists, including NATO (Alfa Bravo), International (Amsterdam Baltimore), English (Alfred Benjamin) and some alternative lists.


Magic squares

Generate a magic square for somebody’s birthday. A magic square is a grid of numbers in which the sums of the numbers in each column, each row, and both main diagonals are the same.



Just a few tasty recipes for you to try.


Proverbs and Quotes

My pages on insects, spiders and agriculture already included lists of proverbs and quotes. Here are a few more lists: Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, The Hobbit. Or use the search page to search proverbs and quotes.


Body Mass Index (BMI)

Calculate your Body Mass Index with the original formula or with an alternative new formula. Use Metric or US units.


Wine making and Honey wine (Mead)

Learn what you need to know about wine making and especially how to make honey wine (mead) or Tej (Ethiopian mead).



Simulate insect pest control

A few scripts to demonstrate a computer model to simulate pest control.


Other websites

World Crops Database

World Crops Database logo

My agricultural database has now its own website, the World Crops Database, a site to learn about fruits, vegetables, cereals and other crops.


Beautiful Chiang Mai

Information about Chiang Mai, a favorite holiday destination in Thailand.



If you don't know what a Minkukel is, perhaps you are one.



Some free tools designed with JavaScript can be found on Scripts.


Modern Art

If you don't appreciate modern art, perhaps it’s time to become a modern artist?



IPM Info

Site about Integrated Pest Management with information about the advantages of biological control and negative effects of pesticides.





Group dynamics exercises

Several group dynamics exercises that are often used in IPM or ICM Farmer Field Schools.


Other links

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