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Wari is a board game. Around the world it has many different names, such as Oware, Awari and Awale. Variants of the game are played with different rules and with a different layout of the board. The game on this page uses a board with two rows of six cups or houses.

Rules of the Game

You play against the computer (Wari). You own the 6 South cups, Wari owns the 6 North cups. At the beginning of the game each cup contains 4 seeds. You start.

Take the seeds from one of your cups and distribute them anticlockwise over the other cups.

If the last cup where you put a seed now has 2 or 3 seeds in it you can take these seeds, but only if the last cup was on the side of the other player. Also the previous cup(s) can be taken if there are 2 or 3 seeds in it, and if they are on the side of the other player.

If it is your turn to move and the opponent’s cups are all empty, you should play a cup which provides the opponent at least one seed to play with. If this is not possible, the game is over and the remaining seeds are yours.

If you play a cup that empties all the cups of your opponent, this is called a grand slam. There are different rules which apply to a grand slam. You can select this rule in the settings before starting a new game.

How to play?

Click on the cup you want to play. If it is an illegal move you will see a warning and you can try again.

The computer will execute your move, capture any seeds, and update the scores. Then it will calculate Wari’s move and execute it. And then it is your turn again.


The player who has captured 25 or more seeds wins the game. If each player has captured 24 seeds it is a draw.

In some situations (for example with the grand slam rule where remaining seeds are not counted, or in case of a stale mate), you can win a game with fewer than 25 seeds.

Stale mate

Sometimes, towards the end of a game, a few seeds will chase each other endlessly. If the same position appears three times, the script will consider it a ‘stale mate’ and will end the game. Remaining seeds are not counted.

Play level

In the settings you can select the play level for Wari. At level 0, Wari will just play random moves and is easy to beat. At levels 1 to 7, Wari will gradually play stronger by calculating more moves.


Computers are very fast. In the settings you can set a ‘delay’, which makes it easier to see what happens. Delay 0 is full speed.


The display setting allows you to select seeing a number instead of individual seeds.

WARI   v8.0 2024-04-18

2024 Hein Bijlmakers






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