Pest Control Simulation 5

Simulation 5: Simulating the use of pesticide at a threshold level

The calendar spraying we saw in simulation 4 is simple, but it is not a good farming practice because the farmer would spray even when population densities are very low. It makes more sense to spray only when it is needed to keep the population below a certain level. That level would of course be a level where the farmer expects the pest to damage his crop.

Let’s see how the simulation looks when we spray only at a certain threshold level.

Simulation 5

Simulation settings

Simulation 5
Pest population    
Start population size (N0) ( 1 or higher)
Equilibrium maximum (K) ( 1 or higher)
Reproduction factor (r) ( 0 or higher)
Pesticide use    
Spray threshold level ( 1 or higher )
Spray efficiency (percentage killed) ( between 0 and 100 )



We have seen that it takes quite frequent pesticide applications to keep a population below a certain level. But there are more ways to manage pest populations.

Let’s look at the effect of natural enemies and see how they can help keep pest populations under control.

Go to Simulation 6: Introducing biological pest control: a predator.

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