Insects with A

Acorn weevils

Acorn weevils or nut weevils are insects that infest the seeds of trees such as oaks. They are beetles belonging to the family Curculionidae, which are the snout beetles.


Admirals are butterflies belonging to the genus Limenitis.


Alderflies are megalopteran insects of the family Sialidae.

Alfalfa weevil

The Alfalfa weevil is a snout beetle that is common in alfalfa (lucerne) fields.

Ambush bugs

Ambush bugs are true bugs belonging to the order Hemiptera.

Antlike flower beetles

The ant-like flower beetles or ant-like beetles are beetles that resemble ants. They belong to the family Anthicidae.


Ants form colonies with thousands or millions of individuals that collectively work together to support the colony. Ants are insects of the family Formicidae in the order Hymenoptera and are related to wasps and bees.


Aphids are small sap-sucking insects and are sometime called greenfly or blackfly. Most aphids are wingless, but some species produce winged at certain times of year.


Apterygota are primitively wingless insects, such as the silverfish, the firebrat, and the jumping bristletails. The name comes from ‘a’ (without) and ‘ptero’ (wing).

Asparagus beetles

The asparagus beetle is a beetle belonging to the genus Crioceris. Many species of this genus (but not all) feed on asparagus.

Assassin bugs

Assassin bugs are true bugs belonging to the family Reduviidae that live as predators of other insects. They have a long rostrum (beak) to inject saliva in their prey and then suck the liquids out.

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