Currency Converter

USD EUR GBP AUD CAD CNY DKK HKD INR JPY NOK SGD SEK CHF THB = USD EUR GBP AUD CAD CNY DKK HKD INR JPY NOK SGD SEK CHF THB About Currency Converter This is a simple currency converter which I wrote for use during holidays abroad. You select two currencies (your own and […]

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Temperature Converter

Convert temperature instantly between Fahrenheit (°F), Celcius (°C) and Kelvin (K). Change any number in the form or use the slider. °C °F K Precision: digits Temperature Calculations Three temperature scales are commonly used. These are Celcius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin. The Fahrenheit temperature scale was originally used in English-speaking countries. The Celsius temperature scale was

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Here are some tools I designed with Javascript. Body Mass Index (BMI) Decimal Clock Date Difference Calculator Define Magic Squares QReasy Vocabulary Test Spell It Temperature Converter Currency Converter

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Date Difference Calculator

A tool to find the difference between two dates.It shows the amount of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Start date End date   About Date Difference Calculator Date Difference Calculator is a tool to calculate the difference between two dates. Variable month lengths and leap years are taken into account, but the

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Get word definitions Play Sound Clear Info The DEFINE application makes use of the Merriam-Webster API.     × ABOUT DEFINE A tool to lookup words in the Merriam-Webster API at Type a word and hit Enter. This version displays the short definitions of a word.The tool also uses the Web Speech API’s SpeechSynthesis

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Spell It

Help Setting A to Z Clear Play sound Stop × ABOUT SPELL IT When you give your name or address, the person on the phone will often ask “can you spell it out please?”. Few people would answer “Yankee, Echo, Sierra” or “Yellow, Edward, Samuel”. Others would say “ehhh… yes” and then quickly get stuck.

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Decimal Clock

Show time Standard time: Decimal time: About the Decimal Clock This Decimal Clock divides a day in 10 hours. Each hour is divided in 100 minutes and each minute has 100 seconds. The decimal clock starts at midnight. At noon it is 5 o’clock. Time conversion In a standard day there are 86,400 standard seconds.

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Download QR Help 0 / 300 Clear × ABOUT QReasy Several websites offer tools to create QR codes, but in many cases you have to sign up, create accounts, or select from a range of options such as setting colors, including logos, etc. If you don’t need all these extras, QReasy is for you. It

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Metric time

Clocks are everywhere, and almost everybody wears a watch. On each computer screen there is a clock ticking the seconds, minutes and hours away. Hundreds of times each day we want to know what time it is. Why don’t we use the metric system to measure time? The metric system is used (in most civilized

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