Peppered Moth Simulation

Hide introduction Introduction This page contains a JavaScript that simulates Peppered moth evolution. The Peppered moth (Biston betularia) is known for having a darker appearance in areas with industrial pollution where tree bark is darker because of soot. In a cleaner environment, with lighter colored tree bark, the moths have a lighter appearance. Bird predation

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Insects with B

Backswimmers Backswimmers are true bugs that belong to the family Notonectidae. As the name suggests, they swim upside down. Bagworm moths Bagworm moths are moths belonging to the family Psychidae. They arae also called bagworms or bagmoths. The caterpillars of these moths build a protective “bag” in which they can hide. Balloon flies Balloon flies

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Insects with A

Acorn weevils Acorn weevils or nut weevils are insects that infest the seeds of trees such as oaks. They are beetles belonging to the family Curculionidae, which are the snout beetles. Admirals Admirals are butterflies belonging to the genus Limenitis. Alderflies Alderflies are megalopteran insects of the family Sialidae. Alfalfa weevil The Alfalfa weevil is

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